Here’s the thing…

… writing a blog is so presumptuous!  It presumes somebody – anybody – might be interested in something I have to say, which seems both unlikely and alarming and has stopped me getting started for a very long time.  message-in-bottle-drawing-1841592

So I’m going to write about what we do here on our smallholding and, maybe, a little about why we do it.  Then I’m going to throw it into the vast ocean of the blogosphere like a message in a bottle. And if anybody who is passionate about the same things as me finds this blog and feels like sharing their own adventures in food growing, fermentation, goatkeeping or any of the other eccentric activities featured here … you will be ever so welcome.


9 thoughts on “Here’s the thing…

  1. Saw your post on the Blogging101 Commons. I’m glad you were finally able to publish your first post! People are definitely interested in what you have to say, and if they aren’t? They won’t stick around. So don’t worry about being presumptuous. You’re not.

    General blog feedback: it took me a minute to find the comment box. I had to click a small link on the right that says “Leave a comment.” Maybe choose a theme that has it already open at the bottom? This would make it easier for people to provide feedback.

    I’d love to hear your feedback on my About page:


  2. Thanks for dropping by Home Grown Heaven. Looking forward to seeing how you get on in your smallholding adventure. Especially to hear about the goats. They are a slight obsession of mine. We tried once and they were a disaster. I am determined to try again. I just have to get Mr. Fairweather on side….


  3. I find it sometime peculiar. The first blog I chech out today and it’s about compost and permaculture! Yezzzz. I hope you will blog about how you do thing.
    The message in a bottle thing made me decide to put my next post. I have been working on it, but wasn’t sure if I should post. Check it out if you like messages in a bottle and let me know what you think about it.
    The post will be about Banksy.

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