Victory is problematic…

I chose to respond to a random prompt for a post today. I’ll confess that my heart sank a little when I saw that the prompt was “Victory” and it sank a little further when I saw the suggestion that I forget about sad times and “revel in a win”.

I was slightly puzzled by my reaction and thought at length about it while I did my chores this evening and learned something about my approach to life which I will try to articulate.

Now “Victory” and “Winning” seem to me to be zero sum concepts. That is to say that if there is a victor or a winner there must also be a loser. This is the vocabulary of war and the pursuit of victory has led, and continues to lead, to all kinds of destruction and human pain. I prefer to think in terms of cooperation and creativity.  This is how we humans learn and grow … by working together not by beating each other into submission.

I’m really looking forward to reading other people’s thoughts about this…


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