A year ago a middle aged woman and her family sold their lovely Edwardian house in a beautiful and historic Hampshire village and moved into a couple of elderly caravans on a windy hillside. They became NEW PEASANTS ……WHY?!!!

Wtrailer trashe’ve set out to discover if it’s possible to live comfortably but lightly on our land. And we are also determined to make our little corner of the English countryside as abundant as it can possibly be.

That all sounds lovely doesn’t it? But what does it all mean? Let me elaborate…

Live comfortably… We are replacing the damp and derelict asbestos bungalow on the site with a beautiful family home, designed by my husband who is an architect, which will provide accommodation for up to four generations of our family. Meanwhile we are enjoying the adventure of living in a caravan….a bit like being on holiday all the time – only not! We rear our own delicious grass-fed meat and eat delicious homegrown fruit and veg.

Live lightly… The house is largely constructed of waste wood materials and is clad in flints collected from the excavations for the foundations. It is a super-insulated passive solar house and has large solar arrays which means we will be net producers of energy for much of the year. We drive old cars and we use them as little as possible, we don’t take holidays which involve air travel and we buy secondhand whenever possible. We share resources such as tools, skills and labour with neighbours.

Grow abundance… Our land has been badly neglected by previous owners. We want to build biomass and biodiversity and discover how much variety of life it can support.

This blog is my way of recording our adventure…..


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    • Thank you! We watch all those programmes too….but have you noticed that the sun is always shining?! Sun is definitely not shining here today, so I will be hiding inside catching up on friends’ blogs…


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